Lower Downtime,
Enhance Production

There may be instances where you see a drop in the production or productivity. The reasons could be manifold, machine breakdown, negligence of the team working on the machines or some other reasons. We help you track downtime so you can take measures to prevent it.

Make the Undistinguishable,

AtomByte immediately offers visibility. Pre-built dashboards denote that you have the necessary tools to begin tracking downtime, quality throughput and so much more.

End-to-End Solutions with
Actionable Insights

We provide Industry 4.0 standard end-to-end solutions. Right from the initial analysis, to the installation, data collection and reports generation our applications are a one-stop shop. Our mobile applications and dashboards, give you actionable insights into your production setup and help you achieve better productivity.

Data Security with Real-time
Data Access

Our application ensures data security at multiple levels. Data is AES encrypted right from local communication all the way to the cloud store. Data can only be accessed by authorised personnel. This secure data is available from wherever you may want and whatever time you may want.

How It Works

Study Existing Setup

We use our expertise in manufacturing to study your existing setup.

Install Sensors

We then install sensors and configure them to collect data.

Collect Data

Data is collected locally from all your sensors using LoRa technology.

Send Data to Cloud

Data is uploaded to the cloud in real-time.

Analyse Data

We also analyse this data for you and share efficiency reports.

Provide Actionable Insights

Finally, this equips you with actionable insights into your production chain and places where you can plug holes and douse potential fires, if any.

So, with AtomByte, what you get is –

Real Time Data

Accesible from Anywhere

Actionable Insights

Automated Reports

Sensors We Offer

In today’s world, productivity is the key to success. In the manufacturing sector, productivity of your machines goes a long way in deciding profitability and efficiency of your company.

Markets We Serve

The solutions that we provide are useful for the entire spectrum of the manufacturing industry. If you have machines, we have sensors to help you analyse them. AtomByte is a simple way to go paperless, streamlining production management as well as tracking. Personalized to the production processes of your shop floor, it was built to serve the demand of fabricators and manufacturers across industry sectors. Receive total visibility of your product line to make the most of efficiencies, lessen waste and maintain jobs on time.
Packaging    |     Plastic     |     Pharmaceutical    |    Engineering     |     Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Ceramic     |     Food Processing     |     Cable Industry     |     Chemical     |     Textile     |     Paper

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AtomByte helps manufacturers collect and evaluate data from each corner of factory to enhance quality, efficiency, and profit.